Resolve to eat better this year? Start with Skinny Pizza!


EA_Veg_PizzaThis year go for the good carbohydrates. Make amazingly delicious pizzas loaded with all the veggies you love and be happy, satisfied… and skinnier! Frozen pizzas are convenient, sure. But too much salt and weird flavorings are added to compensate for the sad slipping away of nutrition and flavor in that big freezer case. Delivered pizzas are fine in a pinch, but those veggies they use aren’t as fresh and tasty as what you have at home right now, are they? You can make great pizza at home, faster than delivered, and cheaper too… so go for it! The premium whole grains in Easy Artisan Pizza Crust Mix turn your favorite guilty-pleasure food into truly good-for-you food.

1 pkg Easy Artisan Multigrain Pizza Crust Mix

7oz pizza sauce

Vegetables of your choice. We used:

1 small onion, thinly sliced

1 medium green or red pepper, thinly sliced

1 pkg  spinach, steamed, drained and chopped

1 medium zucchini, finely chopped

6-8 oz reduced fat cheese of your choice, grated

Optional: fresh herbs

1. Make dough according to package directions. (1 package makes 2 – 12-14″ crusts. Store half in the refrigerator or freezer for use later, or double up on the rest of the ingredients and make 2 healthy pizzas.)

2. Ease dough into pan and shape with moistened hands. Spread on sauce and top with vegetables and cheese.

3. Bake according to package directions.

WHAT MAKES IT GREAT… lots of fiber and protein, fresh taste, and you make it just how you like it. Bake a few minutes longer for crisper crust and toasty cheese. You can use string cheese for portion control – its easy to figure out the calories and fat per piece and find just the right amount for the taste and total calories you’re after.

Nutrition (approx. per slice), using 8oz reduced fat cheeses: Calories 298, Calories from Fat 48, Protein 15g, Carbs 27g, Fiber 5gm, Sodium 626 mg.

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